Jiapeng Song
Experience Designer


Hi there,

I’m Jiapeng. I am an Experience Designer focusing on delivering delight and wonder. I create mobile, web and physical experience for brands via research, strategic positioning and planning, persona development, user flows, sitemaps, wireframes, interaction design, low-fi & hi-fi prototyping, user testing and product development. Deep down inside I am a strategic thinker with passion in problem solving. My goal is utilizing design and technology to make life simpler, one interaction at a time.

My process begins with empathizing with the user. It is critical for a good design. Pen and paper are always my preferred tools to jot down any ideas. Understanding the problem we are solving for and mapping it to users pain points would help me build a prototype of the product. Let the potential users play with it and improve based on their feedbacks before going full throttle into development. And do it again. I believe nothing is 100%, ever. There is always room for improvements.

As a life-long leaner, I'm always looking for the next challenge. Currently I am learning skiing and making leather goods, any advice would be greatly appreciated!