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Social Security Calculator

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How do we make Social Security make sense?

Social Security is one of the most important parts of our retirement plan. Deciding when to claim is a complicated decision. The challenge is to take this complex topic of how to plan for Social Security and break it down into bite-sized, relevant pieces.

The Approach

Build a simple interactive digital experience for the topic of Social Security income and impact of claiming. Educate users on what they need to know based on their unique needs instead of teaching a participant everything there is to know.

Key User

Since Social Security is part of people’s retirement plan. We have identified three main user groups for this interactive experience.

  • Age 50-59: Just thinking about it

  • Age 60-66: Getting serious about it

  • Age 66+: Qualify for Social Security so need to start making decisions

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There are thousands of need states when choosing the right strategy to claim Social Security. Therefore personalization is needed to accommodate different need states. We have narrowed it down to four key factors that would ultimately lead to an educated claiming strategy. 

  • What is your current age

  • What is your gender

  • What is your life expectancy

  • What is your current marital status

  • What is your household income

Interactive Wireframe

In order to communicate with client efficiently. I built fully interactive wireframe to demonstrate our approach