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South Wind

Children's Hospital Branding Campaign

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How Do We Brand a Children's Hospital That Doesn't Exist

A group of investors asked us to raise awareness (and money) towards the opening of the first free-standing children’s hospital in the Greater Richmond area. Because this hospital doesn’t exist, it was an opportunity to create a hospital as a place to overcome fear, behold wonder.

Why Name It "South Wind"

Treat Children Like Children, Not Patients

Children are not just miniature adults. They require a different kind of attention.

We are committed to the idea of comfort. We wanted the feeling of comfort, for both the parent and the child, to be reflected throughout the campaign, as well as the hospital’s interiors.

Interior Design

Let’s be honest, hospitals suck! Why can’t we make it fun?

At South Wind, children will be given diversions to eliminate fears and provide comfort. 

Clean & Light Web Design to Comfort Parents

When there is an ill child at home, the last thing a parent wants to do is panic.

A simple website helps reduce stress level. Allow parents to find important information at a glance. 

The Wishing Flower

We created a children’s book called The Wishing Flower to communicate the hospital’s vision and mission.

It is also a gift for our donors and community members.

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*This pitch has won first place in the Children's Hospital pitch. It was presented to stakeholders, potential investors and parents in the community.