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People Don't Understand Why They Need FiOs Quantum

People are unaware of their actual Internet needs. So we need to convince current FiOS users to upgrade to FiOS quantum as well as to convince competitor’s customers to switch.

Make Gamers Champion for FiOs Quantum

Gamers are known as early adopters, by gaining their loyalty, we are automatically reaching their entire network through word of mouth;  while creating an army of brand influencers committed to FiOS Quantum.

Empower Gamers to Be The Heroes They Play

Be a Hero is a 360 degree interactive experience that blends traditional, digital, and social media where FiOS Quantum gave gamers the ability to show they are everyday heroes, to show their skills to the world. Erasing the stereotypes that have wrongly plagued the gaming community for the past couple of decades.

User Journey & Wireframe

We built our 'Game Plan' with pens and papers. This user journey served as the campaign blueprint. It also informed the different stages of the wireframe. 

The Steps (Acts) of The Campaign

Act 1

Mysterious content will begin popping up on media that are already popular with gamers. The gaming community will take to the forums as well as other social media outlets. Soon after the enigmatic material surface, online gaming gurus will ask gamers to join them in their cause.


Act 2

The gaming community will unearth a URL after some speculation. They will be greeted by a video calling for action, to showcase their skills and to join a team.

Act 3

For the next three weeks, more content will pop up all over the web. Teams will participate in events for points. The public will be involved through voting for content. They will be able to select how they view content from the menus above, giving them the option to view a specific team, a specific set, or a specific media platform (ex: Facebook, Instagram, etc). We will continue to encourage public challenge submissions, and depending on the level of creativity, these challenges may become a live event.

Act 4

There will be one final challenge. The challenge will require all team members to form a giant digital relay race with the objective that each team must tell the real story of who the gamers are through their user generated content. The voting public will decide on the winner. The top three teams will receive points in a laddered format.
At the conclusion of the game the top three points winners will be given credits to allow the players to donate funds to their charity of choice.